Martes, Abril 29, 2014

Cool Drives

Is it nice to own an external drive that has everything? Well, one of the newest external drives just cost 3k and up. You can always check some newest external hard drives on the net (like me). Wish i have one! Like me i am a fan of many external drives that i am wanting. In fact i always want those drives that has maximum capacity of one terabyte.

Hobbit Thoughts

Bilbo Baggins the primary character on 2012's The Hobbit was the uncle of Frodo Baggins. The amazing mind of J.R.R. Tolkien brought the fantastic and out this world adventure of hobbits. The book has many crazy actions and silly lines just the way i want to be entertained. J.R.R. Tolkien explains how an ordinary hobbit who lives in a hobbit hole goes to an amazing adventure together with Gandalf the Wizard and the dwarves across the deadly world of adventure and epic.